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Please take 5 minutes to read our puppies page to ensure  when buying a Basset puppy you go to a reputable breeder. The market is flooded with puppies being advertised 'cheap' online for around £300-£500 claiming they are KC registered, can deliver etc. etc. the majority of these puppies have been bred on puppy farms or the ads are scams and there are no puppies.

A photo of a basset puppyThe KC has tried very hard to educate the general public when buying a pedigree puppy to go to a reputable breeder, but it seems people still think that by buying a cheap  puppy from one of these online puppy websites they are somehow getting a bargain. This couldn't be further from the truth. What you have saved in the cost of getting this cheap puppy you will more than pay for in vet fees later on, generally these puppies are weak and sickly, they may have skin problems and eye problems which will be ongoing for the rest of the dogs life. Most of the time they do not look like a 'real' basset and more often than not resemble a basset/beagle cross. There can also be temperament issues with puppies bred on puppy farms. Most pet insurance companies will stop paying for ongoing illnesses after a while so that cheap puppy will probably cost you a small fortune in vets fees during its life.

Basically all you are doing by buying a puppy from one of these places/breeders is making room for the mother of the pups to be bred from again and in effect supporting the vile trade of puppy farming.

You should only ever buy a puppy advertised either on:

The Kennel Club puppy finder, the Champdogs website, or contact The Basset Hound Club, they will have a list of breeders that are members of the basset hound club and therefore reputable.

Here are some tips on what to look for  when buying a puppy from a reputable breeder:

  1. You should always be able to see the mother of the pups and the father, or at least a  photo of the stud dog used. Avoid any breeder who has a resident stud dog and bitch(es), these people are breeding from the same dogs over and over again this is not good breeding practice.
  2. Most times you will also be able to see Grandparents and Great Grandparents of the puppies the breeder has available.
  3. Be preapred to go on a good breeders waiting list, be patient you may have to wait up to 6 months or a year for a good quality puppy.
  4. A good breeder will ask lots of questions to find out if you are suitable to have one of their pups.
  5. Always make sure you have a proper KC registration document all reputable breeders place endorsements on their puppies to protect their breeding line this should be pointed out to you when buying a puppy expect to sign a sales contract also confirming this endorsement if you are genuinely just looking for a pet this endorsement doesn’t not affect you. You should also receive a 3 or 5 generation pedigree.
  6. Breeders should supply all new owners with a puppy pack including information a health test letter signed by their vet to ensure the puppy was in good health when they left the breeder.
  7. A good breeder will  be there to offer their help, support and advice during your bassets life.
  8. A healthy, well bred puppy that has been  reared correctly will be £850-£900, this is the correct price for a basset puppy, this will gaurantee you all of the above.

Bassets make wonderful family pets and are a  gentle sensitive breed although can be stubbourn, willful and hard to train at times. If you have not owned a basset before we strongly suggest you buy a book called 'The Basset Hound by Marianne Nixon' this is an excellent breed book and covers all aspects of the basset hounds history, character and care.

A Photo of a number of puppiesWe also suggest you try to get to  the odd breed show were you will be able to meet breeders and see some bassets in the flesh, to find out more about the breed and to ensure that a basset is the right dog  for you, as they are not the easiest breed to own and therfore not for everyone. You can find out about these shows from The Basset hound club and regional branches of the BHC.

Bassets, being a hound, are happier living in a pack either with other bassets/canines  or with someone that is at home all day, they are not suited to an enviroment were they are left for long periods of time on their own. They can be a very vocal breed so if left will 'bay' resulting in complaints from your neighbours!!

We generally only have one litter a year so do not always have puppies available, but feel free to contact us if you are looking for a puppy as we always know of reputable breeders that may be planning a litter or have a litter due.


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